I miss my Vox.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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I’ve moved!

Hi neighbors. I've moved my blog to TypePad. You can now visit me at http://danculhane.typepad.com/blog/. You can follow me on TypePad by visiting my profile. See you there!

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Reboot The Rebooted Reboot

The laptop is four years old and picked up a virus that we couldn't find/delete/ignore.  Having been told that 'maybe you should reformat your disk and start over,' I thought that it might be a great idea.  Also having been told that It'll run just like new!

So I backed up the several thousand pictures.  And videos.  And documents.  And email preferences.  And saved emails and addresses and contacts.  And favorites.  And whatever else I could think of.  I waited (not without a touch of procrastination) for a week or two so as not to forget to back-up anything or any folders that might be needed. 

And away I went.  It's now six hours into (windows has updates ready to install – reboot)

the project.  Only the (reboot)

first 45 minutes was needed for the actual reformatting of the hard disk.  Then re-installing the (reboot)

Microsoft Office software (reboot).  And Nancy's Outlook contacts and stuff on her 'side' of the (reboot

computer.  And mine on my side of (reboot)

the computer.  And the updated (reboot)

Internet Expl(reboot)

orer and Firefox.  And iTunes.  And Zune.  And Skype.  Not to mention all of our documents. 

And have I mentioned that a four year old Windows XP system may need a few ser(reboot)

vice packs?  That need a reboot every five minutes or so?  

The good news is it seemed to work.  I ran malwarebytes and found nothing. 

So far. 

Now I need a reboot.


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Sigh No More

     The Band is Mumford and Sons – my new favorite greatest band of all time.

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Good thing it’s attached

Recent computer issues have had us trying to back-up our computer files, pictures, videos, shortcuts, and the like.  We have been hijacked by an annoying re-direction virus.  Of which we can't seem to rid ourselves.

So we've decided to start over.  Save what we need, then pull the pin on the whole hard drive.  Reformat and start over like it just came out of the box.  To do that, we need the Official Reformat Disks.  And Official Office Disks.  They'd been in my nightstand drawer for the last two+ years.  Until recently when I cleaned the nightstand.  So, of course, I couldn't find them.  I searched the bedroom.  The computer desk in the hall, the library shelves and closet, the master bedroom closet, the garage.  No disks.  Anywhere.  So now I'm thinking that I'll have to buy a new operating system and Office package.  Sigh.  This is my life.  Losing things.  Forgetting things.  Not putting things where they belong so as not to forget or lose those things. 

Last night I asked Nancy.  "I can't image that I would have thrown them away – even by accident.  Can you think of ANY place that I would have missed?" 
She said, "Have you looked in the file cabinet?" 
"No." I stupidly replied. 
Racing up the stairs, I pull open the drawer, and there they are.  Of course.  Where they belong, of course.

When will I learn to just do it.  Just put things where they belong.  Nancy does it every day.  And knows exactly where things are.  Because they're where they belong.  I love that about her.
Some day I'll listen to her.  And understand why she wants things where they belong.  An orderly life is better than the way I do things.  It's taken me a long time to understand that.

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Today’s Random Overheard Snippet*

"I like humor!"

*not to imply that there will be more tomorrow.

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